Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Fortress of Peace" by Natasha Erskine

The Lord has recently released me to write some new music and explore the ministry of His Spirit in prophetic worship...  He's been ministering to me with these lyrics I started writing several weeks ago.  They don't feel finished yet and this is just a portion of he song, but I felt a strong desire to share them:

(After the crying out of a child under a heavy load, the Lord gently responds...)

Child of mine, seek me and find
Try me and see, find peace in Christ
Let this world go and seek after me
and the kingdom of my love
Take hold now of me...
Lay your burdens down!  Lay your burdens down!

(After the child again crying out, unable to shake the heavy load...) - this part is really soulful :)

Child of mine, open your eyes!
The dead things have passed
Find new life in Christ
All that I am, I've opened my hand!
There's no hindrance than to keep you from rest...
Lay your burdens down!  Lay your burdens down!

Find rest in my fortress of peace!!!


  1. incredible - even more profound. I pray you will be able to write more in time.

    Have a listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's album : Beauty Will Rise

  2. Wow. I'm truly speechless. Find rest in His fortress of peace, dear friend! xoxoxo

    I agree with Joel. You need to get your hands on Steven Curtis Chapman's album: Beauty Will Rise

    Love you.

  3. The Lord wanted you to know He has gone before you. He is so faithful.

  4. That's beautiful Natasha! So often we hold onto those burdens and not release them to the Lord. I needed to read that today! thank you for sharing! I can't wait to hear the completed song! ~ Sasha