Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The war is raging, but the battle is won!

For His own purposes, God has gifted and called me for spiritual warfare, (which in my books, goes hand in hand with worship).  In the natural, I typically feel weak and shy, but in my spirit, often many adventures are taking place... Recently God gave me a vision concerning my enemy. He spoke to me concerning the "angel of light" here in North America.  I have planted my feet in a stance of opposition against the strongman, the spirit of religion, that deceptively clothes the bride of Christ in dirty rags instead robes of righteousness (Zech 3-4).  

In my vision, I saw many innocent worshippers, praising God in their churches.  From their perspective everything seemed normal, but the view from heaven showed something quite different.  Instead of worshipping in Spirit and in truth, a cloak of darkness had covered their praise.  The "angel of light" had moved in and deceived many into thinking he was God.  So the worshippers were worshipping under the spirit of religion, the strongman over North America, one of the prominent false gods of our culture.

It looks normal when we look with our natural eyes, but in the Spirit, the overwhelming darkness of our day is quite evident.  But let's not despair!!  Where can we go from His Spirit?  Where can we hide from His Presence?  To God, the night shines as bright as day.  Darkness and light are the same to Him. (Psalm 139:7,12)

The more I am awakened to God's Spirit, the more I am aware of the deception in His church.  The more my eyes are opened to the guilt, shame, condemnation, striving, and endless lies that are cloaked around the neck of God's beloved Bride, the more His Spirit stirs up in me to call upon the worshippers, put off the yoke of slavery and let us worship boldly, before the gods (Ps 138:1), in spirit and in truth, for these are the worshippers the Father seeks (Jn 4)! and He will make us bold with strength in our soul (Ps 138:1).

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