Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Move.

How could I possibly capture the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs, of what has taken place in the last month???  Obviously, I have to try!! :)

Leaving our home in Truro was excruciatingly difficult.  It worked out quite nicely that I wasn't actually present for the final goodbye... My belongings were being loaded up, all personal items accounted for, by my loving Truro family, while I had the greatest, bestest, awesomest privilege ever of standing in ceremony to receive an award in my husband's honour.  Instead of weeping and gnashing of teeth I was filled with joy and excitement as a whole body of people publicly acknowledged and honoured the exceptional man my husband was (is), I was honored as his wife to stand in his place.  I can't even believe it.  It was wonderful.

Interesting developments concerning the move started unfolding after I left Truro... First, the truck was full of manure... not ideal for moving a houseful of belongings... Then we rented a U-haul, and borrowed another truck, and filled the back of Dawn and Phil's van.  The van load and small U-Haul went straight to PEI to await the closing, but the other truck was left in Truro.  In Truro, the house closed very smoothly and the funds were transferred right to my lawyer's trust account on the island.  I left the girls with my sister and Mom and I drove over to close on the island house and start painting.  Late afternoon, Monday, May 6th, my lawyer tells me that the funds are there, my other house was officially sold, but my new house would not be able to close for a few weeks while they worked at solving a discrepancy with the deed over 6 ft of property that apparently the neighbors and I shared... You all prayed with me and 6 lawyers later, a simple solution was found and I had my keys at the end of the business day, Tuesday, May 7th.

The fun was only just beginning, however, because the slight delay in closing caused the power company to disconnect the power.  I called for after hours service, but they would not set up a new account until the following morning, and then it would be two days before a truck would be coming to my part of the island.  2 DAYS WITH NO POWER?!?!?!?!?!  How is that possible?  I couldn't stop thinking about how Lynn would have reacted to such a preposterous situation!  Welcome to life in the country :).  (P.S..... Lynn HATED the country.)  So, all my relatives gathered together, we brought buckets of water from my Grammie's, and painted in the dark.  We tried a generator, but it didn't work.  We kept meaning to get lanterns, but I don't think that happened... We mostly used daylight and managed to get at least the bedrooms done before the girls arrived on Thursday.  Then, we finally got power, my beloved friend Ian drove the truck over and helped us unload, we were moving in and painting at the same time (not that I was doing much painting!), the laundry didn't work well enough to use, the oven wasn't working, (Oh phew!!  It was just a breaker!), I need a plumber and the bathroom has to be gutted, my girls got lice again!! ...BUT, the craziest part of all!!!! was that my cat was ready to give birth!!! and who knew when? where? how many?!?!?!?!?!

The babies came, and all was well :) We're not done painting, but mostly.  I still need a plumber but have connections :) My girls love their cousins, love the farm, love supper with Susanne and doing make-up with Brooke and Breia.  Roya is so excited for her new school.  Alea is ready for Broadway.  (What in heavens' name am I ever going to do with that child.)  The girls miss Lynn and are talking about him a lot.  Alea asked if we could buy a new Daddy.  In general, we all feel it.  What is a home without a Daddy?  No matter how well this home comes together, it won't feel like home.  Lynn was our home.  Lynn was our King.  We are just waiting.  Waiting for what?  I'm not sure.  A day when we wake up and life feels worth living again?  A sense of belonging and meaning in the world?  The feeling of being a whole and complete family again?  I don't know.  But I sense it is both near and still a very long way off...

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  1. Such excitement and new beginnings... its so crazy to see where God is moving you, and taking you and leading you. I love that you painted in the dark :D