Sunday, January 19, 2014


I hear my friend Laura's words echoing in the recesses of my thoughts, with a resounding Yes! ...Resolve. I think the Lord is developing a resolve in the followers of Christ.

Are you in this season as well, dear brother or sister in the Lord? Is God holding you fast in an uncomfortable position, with Sovereign hands that are well equipped at the Potter's wheel…? Is it circumstance that oppresses you? Or the enemy? Or is it the very hands of God, keeping you steadfast? Developing patience, endurance, perseverance…?

In this season of my life, God seems to hedge me in. He seems to hold me fast, longer than seems possible to bear. But resolve is a good word :) He is building within His Bride a resolve unto faithfulness. A resolve to praise. A resolve unto victory and overcoming faith...

I am resolved to live for You, to stand fast in the deserts until I bear witness to the water pouring forth from the rocks. I am resolved to endure the cross, the darkness, the season of death and scorn, to join Him in His resurrected Life. Life Everlasting.

Where else can we go when HE alone has the words of eternal life?

Is He building your resolve, dear one?

To be a living sacrifice… this is my spiritual act of worship.

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