Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Hills of Chittagong.

Leaving the compound in a land cruiser, we drove into the very loud and disorienting traffic of Bengali roads, passed through a couple of villages, to reach the edge of the Bengali Hill territory. The tribes live in these areas, but you need special permission to enter. So instead, we took a drive along the edge, to gaze at the magnificence and beauty… The dry season changes everything to dust, so it would look drastically different in the lush green abundance of the wet season, but we were awed all the same. It's beauty is not at all captured in these photos, but we had a blast. :)

We were laughing so loud at one point, at Jon's expense who took a terrible wipeout trying to take our picture, that we drew a crowd of nearby villagers who were waiting on the side of the road for a bus. In Bangladesh, the people mourn loudly and laugh quietly. These people may have never seen white people before, and may never see one again. We absolutely came across as completely insane. I think we must have needed some comic relief because we thought the whole thing was hysterical. 

Me and Holy :) My brilliant, kind, beautiful, strong but gentle cousin. Love being here with you, Hol :)

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