Saturday, February 15, 2014

A few random pics.

 Our feet in the Indian Ocean.
 The river and rice patties that stretch out beyond the compound.
 Waiting for the bride to come out for her "turmeric bath", Gaye holud, purification ceremony.
 Some visiting at the hospital.
Jamming with the worship team :)
 Fuzzy picture but adorable brown eyes!!
 Only a few blossoms to enjoy in the dry season.
 Dried fish. Yuck. A local delicacy :)
 Well tended gardens in the compound.

 This was actually in Dhaka. A funny story I haven't had a chance to share yet!!
 Holly in front of her house :)
 I sit at my desk in my room in the morning and open the curtains to this...
 More of the rice fields. 
 The rice patties go on forever. Families live out in the middle of them and farm them their whole life.
 Dorothy getting me wrapped in my first sari!! Getting ready to attend church and the wedding!
 Wedding guests who were happy to pose for a picture :)
 Pastoral prayer over the bride and groom.
 Me and my new friend, Ani.
Me and Holly in our sari's :)


  1. Wow. Beautiful pictures...and experience. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So excited to follow this journey, Natasha. Stunning pictures!

  3. such great photos.
    the first time i tried to see them some didn't load....
    and then there it was.. a trunk, a beautiful trunk...
    EEEKKK i love it!

    Thanks for posting them, and I can't wait for more :D

  4. Love the pics, Tash! Can't wait to hear the stories behind them! Love you!