Saturday, March 8, 2014

A few more pics… And please watch the video!

There are so many experiences I long to share as I am home and settled, greatly renewed and built up by my trip… It is somewhat difficult to share out of my "pastor's heart", however, because Bangladesh, while being democratic, has very strict laws concerning religion. It is acceptable to be a Christian in this country, but illegal to promote ones particular faith. Therefore, the work of the hospital and the schools must remain within a particular framework of service… They are an incredible asset to their surrounding regions through excellent medical care, dedicated service, and leadership in both education and translation projects...
 I was renewed and built up as I served with these beautiful women in the hospital. They are my forever sisters and I will pray for them always. 

More tourist-y pics from our getaway into the hills...
 The sky was hazy and unclear, but still the view was astonishingly beautiful atop this viewpoint in the Chittagong Hill Tracks. 
Mine and Holly's sleepover in the cabin at the Hillside Resort! Purple mosquito net and all!
 Morning hike and boat trip...
 Fields and fields of banana trees!!
 The bananas taste at least ten times better there! But they can also have big black seeds in them that may need to be spit out :)

 Jon and our boat man.
 So enjoying the peaceful ride...

I have not yet figured out how to write about the deep impact of my trip, in words and language that is acceptable and honouring to the servants there, but without wandering into the "out of bounds" area... So please watch this video!!! This is where I was. This is one of the three doctors working in this hospital, serving for over 17 years, much of that time, being the only one… And this is where my cousins are serving, as engineers, working to build the new hospital that will be better equipped to care for more Bangladeshis. 

I hope to write more soon :)

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  1. So beautiful! One day I hoped to be blessed to travel and see God's people,his work, his ,love beyond North America... One day.