Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today, I sat.

My daughters are with family for the week. I have entered into a strange vortex of quietness... I have done other things, have doctors appointments, errands to run, my cat is finally spayed (phew!!!), my cousin is visiting home from Bangladesh... But mostly, I just sit.

I want to sit and drink coffee. All day. That's it. No talking. No socializing. No cooking. No cleaning. No thinking.  Not even much writing. (The other blog I posted today, was written earlier and edited briefly today before I posted it.)

I look at pictures. I sit. I cleaned the girls' bedrooms. Then, I sat. I walked down to the beach.  And sat. I visited with Grammie. Then, I sat. I went to my aunt's and we sat. We had great conversation with my cousin Holly, and now I'm home, sitting.  Soon to be sleeping...

My mind just wants to go numb.  My heart wants to breathe. My body wants to exercise a little... Then sit a lot.

Exhaustion is getting the better of me. I welcome the quiet...


  1. I pray for you the peace that passes all understanding, and that you would find rest beside quiet waters,As God refreshes your soul.

    I Love you my friend.

  2. After I emailed, i thought I should come here and see you better:).
    I remember having the thought that 'time' was the gift - there was no hurry, no rush, no 'panic in heaven' - just time; it offered me a sweetness and a safety; I could sink down in it - and He was there; I could rest - safe in the arms of Jesus-
    I'm just thinking of you Natasha.