Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing, sort of.

I am writing. Praise God, I can finally say I am actually writing. :)

My world has been such a whirlwind the last few months. I have been so overwhelmed by sickness, single parenting with complicated and dramatic daughters :), household management I am still getting the hang of, and countless "man-jobs" around the house that go way over my head.  I've had much love and support, but sometimes, I must confess, it makes life more overwhelming and chaotic :).  Let me explain...

I have a garage. What a blessing!! My husband always wanted a garage :). But it was a terrible mess when I first moved in. The electric opener on the garage was present, but not hooked up, and no automatic button for opening the garage. But it could be opened manually. A friend came by and hooked it up for me, and it did work, but again, had no button for opening it from the outside. Then, a few months ago, some of my family members came in and cleaned the garage, painting the cupboard doors, one of the walls, transforming it from a dirty mess to a functional garage :) It was so wonderful! But in order to paint they had to unhook the electric opener. So, it had been altered and could no longer be opened manually, but now it was unhooked and cords misplaced, so no longer able to be opened electrically either. To further complicate the issue, some very large bees had made their home inside a crack in the concrete directly underneath where the garage door met the ground. It was impossible to get at them, and they continued to fly in and out, usually outside around the front entrance. We sprayed a whole can of something down into the crack, needing to find a way to remove these buzzing creatures, but it was all for not. They prevailed. The indestructible workers continued to buzz in and outside of the house. I thought maybe I could wait them out until the cold and they went dormant...

 So, later on, someone came and installed two knew outside lights for me. removing the filthy old brown ones and slightly improving the look of the outside of the house. I was so thankful for such a sweet helper! But during that switch, something must have happened to one of the wires. The light switch was backwards, but furthermore, the breaker would blow every time I turned the lights on in the front hallway, the garage, the outside front or outside back doors.. Soon, they just didn't turn on at all. Hmmmm. So I went a few weeks without any lights on that end of the house, but it certainly became a nuisance. So I had a nice clean garage, but no way to open to the door, and no lights to see after dark on that side of the house.

Sooo... A wonderful team of amazing workers came from my new church in Charlottetown to bless us with some storage shelves in the basement, a painted deck and shed, and some clever handiwork to secure the ceiling in the garage that was starting to fall down a little... One of the kind men looked into the fuse situation and tried to fix it for me. He got the lights working, but said something is still off and I'll need an electrician. Now, the lights work, but the outside light doesn't shut off.  Okay, I said. I can live with that for a while :)

Later, they sent a man over with a new electrical garage door opening system. I was so thrilled!! He hooked it up, it was a gift from the church, and gave me a button for the car so I can even open it from the outside and drive in.. But there's one glitch. The power no longer works in the garage... So now, I have working lights, a clean garage, a new garage door opener, but no power in the garage outlet, or in the outlet in Roya's bedroom that has always worked for both her lamp and night light.  AND, to make matters more ridiculous, the bees have no gone dormant. Instead they moved in. They have all flown into the garage, 20+ huge bees covering the floor and window... So, I have lived in this house for 5 months, thrilled to have a garage, but still cannot open my garage door, and furthermore, have locked the door to the garage from inside the house because it is so dangerously full of massive buzzing bees. (Though they still manage to sneak into the house on many occasions, which leaves me chasing them and catching them with jars, releasing them again outside, because I'm an idiot and cannot seem to swat and kill a bee...)

Well, that is just one example of the many ridiculous scenarios I could share. Does it sound overwhelming to you? Maybe it would be easy for any one else besides me :) I find I am so blessed by the love and support of others, but sometimes think, I would so much rather pay a professional and just get it over and done with!!!  But then it sometimes seems rude not to accept graciously the help and support of others... One of the many plights of the widow :)

Still, I am mostly at peace, and finally getting my feet under me, sort of... And I am still trying to figure out how to find the time, but I am writing this book. I have to be able to think clearly and be still in the Spirit and listen to the Father's voice in order to write what he has placed on my heart. But I am in it. Slowly, but surely. I am getting there...


  1. Oh sweet Tash, this made me smile. I love how you take the chaotic and turn it into something positive. I wanted you to know I'm praying for you and those beautiful little girls :)

  2. What church are you calling "home" in Charlottetown? I'm always curious to know! ;-) How I miss that wonderful place!