Monday, November 19, 2012


This weekend...

There was lots of excitement in our home over our new little fur ball, Thumbelina, and our precious visitors, Liz and little (not-so-little) Emily.  The girls played, chased the kitty, carried her around, and fought over her all day long (not Emily, just my two!).  Thankfully, Thumbelina takes it with grace and dignity, making her a naturally assimilated Erskine female. :)

During one of the kitten's run-for-your-life escapades earlier this weekend, Roya chased her behind the washer and dryer in the laundry room.  I was saying, No Roya, you may not go back there!  Leave her be!  Let her have her space!  Yes, Mama!?!?!  She eventually backed up and crawled out from behind the laundry equipment and all was well.  Until... this morning, while I was running some errands, Liz was helping with the laundry...  Both of us had failed to realize that, during Roya's escapade behind the washer, she managed to unhook one of the pipes particularly relevant to the washers rinse cycle... Thus leading to a major flood on my basement carpets... :)

We soaked up what we could of the water, had to say goodbye to our friends, ate lunch, Alea napped, and we spent the rest of the day dancing over wet towels and soggy blankets, soaking up the sea of swampy carpets.  Even Thumbelina (or Phumbelina, as Alea says) seemed to enjoy running along the flooded path, puddles squirting up around her as she scurried by...

For supper, I made a meal Lynn would have been proud of, sprouted rice with quinoa blend, peas (because Roya eats them), raw carrots (because Roya eats them), and whole almonds I toasted on the stove with a little oil, salt, and chilli powder.  

I called the girls to come to the table and low and behold, they came down for dinner dressed in their Indian outfits Daddy had brought back form his trip to India in February 2011.   Our meal wasn't necessarily Indian, but it seemed fitting nonetheless and brought back many memories with our global-justice minded and culturally savvy husband/Daddy.

We are finishing off the day with jammies, story-time, and feeding Thumbelina her pill... Because yes, not only did I pay money to buy a cat, along with the necessary "stuff"... I bought a sick kitten who needs 3 more days of medication...  Oh how Lynn would cringe. :)

Every day is a day of grace.  Some days the grace of God allows us to enjoy what is happening.  Some days the grace of God allows us to endure what is happening.  But every day, is a day of grace.                -Graham Cook


  1. this is so great to read. ive been following your blog since the beginning, and i really want to thank you for including us in this because i dont want to see you struggle alone, or miss hearing about the joy you have found. :)
    Bria Manthorne