Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In our house, we get mice.  Every Fall and every Spring, the mice come.  Lynn used to set traps around the house, sometimes after I'd gone to bed, and not tell me about them.  Then, he'd leave for work the next morning without checking them.  So, I'd go about my day, doing whatever, but eventually open a cupboard door or the pantry to see a dead mouse!  It freaked me out every time :).  I'd call Lynn at work just to have the satisfaction of "yelling" at him, knowing he wasn't going to come home from work to remove it.  Still, I wasn't going to remove it!  Yikes!  So, I'd find away around whatever I needed from that particular location until Lynn came home that evening.

Now... I still get mice.  AND... it's Fall.

My Mom and I spent a hilarious way-too-many minutes setting traps before Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  (We may or may not have had to watch a tutorial on YouTube...)  Sure enough, I came home by myself with the girls Monday night, started putting the groceries away, when I heard it...  It was the sound of the mouse trap banging against my dishes in the cupboard beside me.  I jumped, knowing it was ALIVE, but trapped and right there with my dishes!!!!  The phone rang, and it was Mom checking to see that I made it home okay (precious Moms).  I said, "Mom!  You called just in time!  We caught a mouse and its alive!  What am I going to do!!??"  Roya was still awake at this time, and perked right up.  She was very interested in the prospect of seeing this mouse, whether dead or alive :)  (That's the scientist/analyst in her.)

Mom said, "Call Peter!!"  I was so embarrassed, but I called my sweet neighbours, who came over straight away.  Peter came to help and Lynette came to laugh :)  Roya was fully engaged and loved being awake for the big event.

Soooo, that was Monday.  Peter reset the trap, and I set a couple more.  Today, I heard noises.  I think I caught another mouse.  I called Peter and left a message.

I think I'm going to have to remove it myself!!!  


  1. I'd be waiting for Peter!

  2. I would be waiting as well lol

  3. Love ur stories !!! Wish u would write everyday

  4. Hahahaha!! I love that Roya loved this whole adventure. Maybe she'll soon take over emptying them for Mommy. :)

  5. Get a cat! Today! Or a terrier. Not that you'd want to deal with a new pet right now, but it would be better than dealing with mice. Eek!

  6. Totally wait. I wait for John to do the honors here. I still can't do it. If you do it, you're officially more awesome than me. :P

    1. I could never be more awesome than you. And I wasn't. Cause I waited for Peter and he came :)

  7. I feel for you. In my house when my dad wasn't home I was the one who would have to "dispose" of the dead mice in the traps because my mom would not go near them, even when they were dead. Once, in our first year of marriage, one night when Aaron wasn't home I found one with it's little back broken but still alive. The logical part of me decided, country girl that I was, that the "kindest" thing to do was to put it out of it's bashing it on the head with a brick. So I took it outside, trap and all, and I did just that. And then I sat down and cried and cried. I wouldn't recommend it.

  8. Hello from the Murphy's,
    We have been praying for you and your darling girls everyday and every night at our home.
    On Wednesday night I was at our school for a fun filled archery event. The lovely peter and lynette were there as well. We talked about many things and eventually the converstaion turned to the shared sadness over the loss of your dear Lynn. Peter had to tell me the mice story. It was reassurance that the Watson's were there for you whenever you need them. We chuckled over Roya's excitement. They left to go home and I was comforted that God has neighbours that were there for you, for whatever you need. Sometimes its the practical little things that make the difference in getting through these hardest of day.

  9. I just heard from someone that the wall plug in things are very effective. Apparently they emit a signal that mice don't like so they stay away. We've had mice a few different places we lived. No fun. Glad you have someone to help you with it!