Friday, October 12, 2012


Today, I can't write.

Children grieving.
Other stressful situations.
Continued mountains of paperwork.
Lots of details I can't post.
Casually discussing my husband's death today meeting after meeting...

Even though I am aware of how incredibly blessed I am throughout this "difficult situation", I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

I can't imagine ever getting over the memory of that night.


  1. For what it's worth, you are loved and in our prayers.

  2. God is strong when you can't be. The one set of footprints are when He carries you. Hugs and Prayers <3

  3. Dear Natasha
    Even if we don't know each other that much, I feel so close to you and your little princesses through Lynn's memory...I wanted to write some words for you since I've started reading your blog but could not find the courage. What could I add to the numerous messages of love, solidarity and prayer you received. Maybe because you can't write today as you said, I though it was time perhaps for me to talk to you then. I would like to help you, in any way. My family and I, we pray for you. I think of Lynn everyday and so I think of you too, of course. Lynn was our girls piano teacher but, in fact, he was so much more than that. So, you're also much more to us than our piano teacher's wife... You are an example, in many ways...
    It is not for nothing that you were Lynn's wife... And it is not for nothing that Lynn was your husband... Your strong faith through those so difficult times is so meaningful to me... Actually, Natascha, I feel almost ashamed to say that instead of us helping you, I feel that You are helping us coping with Lynn's absence and also with the doubt to which, as Christians, we may be confronted, at some point... English is not my first language, so I hope I could find the right words... My utmost fear is to be clumsy... Above all, I would like to help you... in any way. Good night dear Natascha. Peace be with you and your princesses.

  4. Natasha, I pray that God's peace which so far surpasses our human understanding would envelope you and your girls. I pray you will feel his presence in this time of grief and that God will surround you with shoulders to cry one, people with whom to be silent when you need it, and compassion straight from him. You continue to be in my prayers and in the prayers of people who you've never even met.

  5. Sweet Natasha, Not even sure how well you remember us but Wes and I have prayed with you on this journey you are on. We've been keeping tabs on you from afar. Our hearts have grieved with you, ached for you and prayed for you. I often keep those precious girls in my prayers. He is holding you in the "overwhelming-ness" of it all. Hugs & MUCH prayer!

    Melinda McNeil